Woman Dedicated Two Years To Earn A Stray Dog’s Trust To Give Her A New Home


Trust must be earned rather than given

This applies not just to us humans but also animals like dogs. A dog who lost all human hope end up rejecting a woman’s sincere offer of a home for two years! But this woman’s dedicated heart and sincere consistency finally earned the dog’s trust in the end.


A 66-year-old woman from Cleveland named Angeline Dzadony spent two years trying to earn a stray dog’s trust. She feeds the dog every time she sees her and offers her a home, but the dog only wants her food and not friendship.


Around 2011, when she first spotted the dog, Angeline thought at first that she belonged to a family. The dog’s name was Cici whom she noticed to be outside every single day. The woman realized that she is a stray dog and lives alone. She felt sad when she knew about how Cici’s owner abandoned her when they moved away.

A dog sit along in silence like a soldier

After being left behind, the stray dog seemed to be in constant waiting for her old family’s return. This broke Angeline’s heart. She told Cleveland Plains Dealer in an interview that she noticed how the dog would sit alone in silence like a soldier waiting and that this broke her heart.

That’s one of the many reasons why Angeline dedicated two whole years trying to earn the dog’s trust. She made sure to feed and talk to Cici every single day. It was not easy, but she never wavered and never ceased to earn the dog’s trust.

Christmas Trust

On Christmas Eve, two years later, Angeline knew she’d had enough. She went to look for the dog with a collar and a leash and told her that she’s taking her home. She told Cici it was her Christmas present for her. The stray dog obeyed, and it’s like she agreed that she’d had enough life on the streets waiting for people who would never come.


That was the moment Cici found a new family with Angeline and her two other dogs. Even though the future is still unsure for Cici, she’s sure enough that she’ll receive a lifetime of love from Angeline who never gave up on her.

What a beautiful thing when someone never gives up on hopeless creatures like the stray dog, Cici! Share this post to your friends and family to encourage them to become like Angeline in small ways.

Thank you Oh My Pup for this fantastic story!

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