How smart is your dog? Try These Tests!

Most owners have the impression that their dog is very intelligent and therefore rely on behavior or observations. However, the intellect of dogs is not valued like ours. In any case, the study of the cognitive capacities of our doggies is interesting, because it allows them to be better understood. If you want to know if your dog is intelligent, discover our tips in this article.

How do you know if your dog is intelligent? Tests to be performed

Here are some tests to do with your dog to find out if he is intelligent. Note, however, that these are only indicators. If your pet does not respond as expected, do not assume that he is an idiot. It is not an official assessment of his IQ. In addition, there are many factors that can affect his reaction and response to tests. Ideally, practice them when your dog is willing, open, away from meals (but he shouldn’t be hungry), and while he is rested and alert.


The spatial capabilities test

This test assesses your dog’s ability to understand and adapt to his environment. Create a variety of obstacle courses that lead to a treat. Each obstacle must prevent the dog from reaching it and present only one-way solution to allow it to progress. The chairs are particularly helpful in this test.


Your dog should know that the treat is at the end of the course, but you should not show him the solution to reach it. If he is able to analyze obstacles and understand how to get around them without rushing into the pile, it is because of his intelligence. Reward him!

The language test

This test assesses your dog’s ability to understand language. When he is calm and attentive, test him by saying a word whose sound is clearly different from the usual orders, while taking the intonation.

For example, say “work!” in the same tone as if you said, “sit!”. Watch her reaction. A smart dog will not respond to this order since it is not meant to make sense to him.

The expression test

This test aims to assess the dog’s ability to understand the facial expressions of his master. Call him and ask him to be calm. Fix it with a straight face, without expressing any emotion, for a few seconds. Then start smiling at him. Watch her reaction. If his behavior changes and he wags his tail, approaches, or barks with joy, it is because he has understood the meaning of your expression.

The digital test

A dog does not know how to count, but it is capable of being aware of the quantities. He knows that a big quantity of food is better than a smaller quantity. Grab two bowls and hide them behind a visual obstacle. In one of them, drop 5 treats making noise for each and in the other a single kibble in the same way.

If your pet is going to the fullest bowl on its own, this is an indication that it understands that sound is related to quantity.

The memory test

Cut a square, a circle, and a triangle from a cardboard box. Call your dog and install him calmly in front of you. Present the shapes in turn at least 5 times and in the same order. Whenever you show him the round one, give him a treat.

Then change your order and don’t give the dog treats when you show him the round. On the contrary, observe his reaction. If seeing him, he is agitated and awaits a treat, it is because he has understood that the shape of the circle is associated with it. If he does not react or if he manifests himself in front of another form, it is that he may need training. Try again for several days.



Either way, do not think your pet is foolish simply because it failed one or more tests. He may lack stimulation or be called at the wrong time. Retry the experience on other occasions and always reward its progress. If you are still having trouble determining how smart is your dog, get help from professionals or online dog trainers.


Credits to Outwardhound.

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