10 Breeds of Dogs That Have Energy to Spare

Having a dog is healthy. Owning a dog may bring joy to your family and help your children learn how to develop healthy relationships with animals. Before you get a dog, we recommend that you determine what kind of family you and your family are.

If you are a great sportsman, you like to move a lot or even better, your children have the energy to spare and all of you are thinking of getting a dog? Here are 10 breeds of the most energetic dogs that will suit your lifestyle.


The German Shepherd

A great favorite, the German Shepherd is a born athlete. If you like physical activities, this dog will be an ideal companion. This amazing dog prefers being outdoors more often than indoors. Very loyal and dedicated, you will love it!



Be careful, the Beagle moves a lot! Previously used as a hunting dog, it has not only flair but also a lot of energy when it comes to walking the streets of your neighborhood. He will make an ideal companion for children who will spend quality time with him.

The Jack Russell

He will never tire of running and leaping. Jack Russell is particularly active, especially when it comes to playing (with you, of course). In return, this breed requires a lot of attention, because they need firm training and education.

Australian Shepherd

If you want to make him happy, move! The Australian Shepherd is a great sports dog who hates loneliness. Particularly attached to his family, he will be grateful if you give him precious minutes to throw the ball or stick and have him fetch it.

The Siberian Husky

Many times in history, the Siberian Husky has proven that he has the energy and strength necessary for any type of sports. He is known, among other things, for pulling sleds loaded with happy children. If you decide to adopt this god, make you train him better.

The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is definitely one of the breeds of dogs that have energy to spare and that will be faithful to you until his last breath. What he asks for in return is simple: time with you and your children. Otherwise, his energy could backfire on him (and you) because he could be destructive. We recommend not getting a Dalmatian if you have new born babies. However, you should note that properly training a dog would make him harmless to the infants.


Border collie

The Border Collie is one of the most athletic dogs in the world. With his history of being used as a sheep shepherd, it is not surprising to see him running around to drain his energy overflow.

The German Shorthaired Pointer.

His favorite activity? Running. Whether in your house or at the dog park, the Pointer needs physical exercise to be the smart, energetic dog you will love.


The Labrador probably has all the qualities sought in a dog. Not surprisingly, he needs to move and play. The great thing about this dog is that you will have peace of mind when the children want to have fun: it is incomparably soft.



His long legs will make him an ideal running partner. He is without a doubt the fastest dog in the world … so there is a good chance that he will reach the finish line before you do. The Greyhound is amongst the best breeds of dogs that have energy to spare


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