can dog eat cheetos
can dog eat cheetos

Can My Dog Eat Cheetos?

People enjoy junk foods greatly, which includes Cheetos as well. Although it’s not a really wise choice to include in the meal health pyramid, yet, we individuals greatly savor it as a random eating item and keep on eating them casually. Completely fine with us but what about giving it to your pet dog?

You have definitely thought of giving your dog few delicious and yummy Hot Cheetos! Undeniably your dog would love them. But should they really have them? Let’s find out.


What nutritional value does it contain?

Cheetos is a cheesy Frito-Lay snack. Peeps love these munchies over anything. These cheesy little puffs are found in 21 different varieties!


Unquestionably your adorable pupper would snatch them from you as they’d like to taste one!


But ingredients-wise, Cheetos is not good for your dog. In fact, any processed food is not a wise choice. Not only Cheetos lack immense nutritional value, but also provide only empty calories, chemical additives, saturated fats and artificial seasoning colors that will not essentially promote your dog’s health. The nutritional value labels behind its bag is evident enough. Definitely not healthy!

What problems can Cheetos cause my dog?

Cheetos are high in salt and sodium used in it can cause heart condition, stroke or high-blood pressure as Dogs’ have extremely low tolerance for salt, while saturated fats can lead to fatigue, excessive thirst, kidney diseases or even arthritis.

Not only dogs face difficulty in processing all those redundant unhealthy fats, but also other detrimental factors keep lurking behind. In many countries, obesity in dogs is getting higher and Cheetos effectively contributes to it.

All in all, Cheetos have no health benefits for your dog. Excess consumption can cause your do to have loss of appetite(variable), stomach pain, distension of abdomen and labored breathing to some lengths.

Ingredients used in Cheetos

Few varieties of Cheetos have been found to cause irritation in dogs’ mouth and gums such as the Flaming Hot Cheetos. Even humans should not consume this spicy flavor in high quantity in the long run.

Cheetos are fundamentally prepared with cornmeal and monosodium glutamate (MSG), which are not the best option for any dogs’ eating habits as they can elevate your dogs’ insulin levels, lead to weight loss difficulties and a terrible thing to ingest.

Thorough scientific researches proved MSGs to develop symptoms like depression, headache, mood swing, irregularity in heartbeat and nervous irritability. Besides, Cheetos uses abundant of Canola & Sunflower oil that is a low-grade oil making it questionable for humans to eat as well and can create additional health problems for your dog.

There is not even a gram of requisite protein, enough minerals or suitable vitamins for your dog to consume making it an unsuited treat.

Why your dog shouldn’t eat the regularly


cut dog with bacon
cut dog with bacon

Humans can eat anything and have a high tolerant capacity but the same does not apply for dogs as their stomachs are increasingly sensitive. Having occasional Cheetos will not cause serious problems or side-effects but if your dog eats too much, it may or may not have diarrhea, runny stool or gas.

If something like this happens and your dog starts
vomiting, consult an emergency vet care as soon as possible.

If you really wish to give your dog some chips, just don’t give Cheetos. Giving occasional chips will do your dog no harm, but providing it regularly will do. There are abundant of dog foods available in the market that caters to your dogs’ balanced diet, will supply adequate nourishment and suitable health prospects.

Giving your dogs some vegetable crunches or meat proteins will help a lot while cheese puffs should never be a regular meal, once or twice in a while under special circumstances. An active balanced diet excluding all sorts of artificial additives will keep your dog budding and salubrious.

Healthier Alternatives beside Cheetos

Render you pet with high quality dog food and other rewarding treats and forget all the junk food. Nobody will ever give their dogs some ruinous leftover from real cheese.

Remove all your dogs’ bad eating habits and occasionally consult your trusted vet doctor to prepare a strict feeding habit because junk food can surely slow down your dog and its overall performance. Keep your home environment clean so that your dog cannot even pick up any crumbs laying on the floor.

Provide them with different type of fresh fruits on a regular basis so they become adapted to the habit.


Try giving them veggies of different flavors suitable to their taste and as you think fit.

Therefore, feed nourishing canine meals carefully without getting your dog addicted to Cheetos or any other tasty junks.

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