Talk About Senior Dogs


Dogs commonly reach their senior age when they turn six years to eight years of age.


Depending on the dog’s breed size; if they are large breed, they will reach senior age earlier; compared to smaller breed which reaches senior age a bit longer.


Not all of the senior dogs found in the shelter are dogs with problems or behavioral issues. A lot of these dogs were left in the shelter by their previous owner for a number of reasons like keeping costs, a new baby in the family, allergies, moving to a farther place, changes in lifestyle, or the death of pet parent. These dogs were once loved and cared for, and they are in need of a new home.

Below are the top three reasons why senior dogs are the best dogs to adopt.


Many senior dogs found in the shelter have already been trained by their previous owners.

Senior dogs are old enough to skip learning basic commands and potty training. This will save you time and energy in teaching your dog. The cost you need to spend in training is also cut and you can spend it more on buying treats for your senior dog.

This does not mean you cannot train your senior dog to learn new things. It is actually much easier to train senior dogs than younger dogs.

Dogs of this age are more agreeable with their dog parent’s commands. And their understanding is better developed as well.

Calm and Wise

Senior dogs are calmer compared to younger ones. They have already passed the stage of being young when they have too much excess energy. This means there would be less destruction in your home.

Unless there is a problem with a senior dog’s teeth, chewing will be out of the picture. And most of the time, your senior dog would rather sleep and rest than cause havoc.

Life experiences teach a lot. A dog in his senior years already has the wisdom that a younger dog does not have.

Their awareness and attention to their surroundings are also improved. They serve as great teachers for your younger dogs when it comes to proper behavior.

You are saving a life

Senior dogs are usually the first dogs to be euthanized in a shelter. When a shelter becomes overcrowded and a senior dog is not adopted in time; this senior dog will be euthanized.


Choosing to adopt a senior dog will save his life, and you will be able to provide him with a better and comfortable home.

At the senior age of the dog, they become a lot more different to the dogs that they were before. These changes are what makes senior dogs more appealing to get, instead of opting for dogs in their younger years.

Whatever reason gets to you, adopting a dog is a big responsibility. They deserve all the love and attention that you can provide. And the dog you choose to adopt will be forever grateful to you for choosing him.

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