This Dog is Enjoying His Head Massage Treatment

A day in the spa is such a wonderful treat for ourselves. Who would say no to a head massage treatment? No one and indeed not this dog.

Today, you will meet a dog who shows so much enthusiasm and contentment with the head massage which his owner gave him. There is no doubt that today is the best day of his life as he lets his tongue out to express his genuine happiness.


Look at how he savored the moment. Watch the video here.


Dog Loving A Head Massage

I've never seen a dog so content in my life ??

Posted by LADbible on Monday, February 25, 2019

Source: Facebook via LADbible 

Now that we know that dogs appreciate a little pampering, this should give us an idea on how to maintain their physical and emotional health.

Doing these little things will result in a happier dog. Through this, it is easier for us to get them to perform specific tasks or undergo training as they know that there will be rewards at the end of the day.

Our thoughts

Dogs work just as hard as humans do. They also deserve a break and a day at the spa will genuinely make a difference.

If you notice how happy the dog in the video is, you will realize that small thing such as a head massage and a treat of their favorite meal brings them happiness.

Once in a while, we should allow our dogs to experience the things that we also enjoy. They are a huge part of our world, and it is only right for them to have a little taste of the best things of this world.


This little pampering will not only improve their health and attitude towards us but will also give them the idea that it is not too bad to be a part of a human’s world.

Thank you LADbible for sharing this wonderful story to the world!


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