Brody was having his routine neutering at the veterinarian when something horrible happened. The incident was an emergency, and blood had to be transfused to his body immediately. Lucky for him, the clinic had a blood donor dog on standby. It only took one quick call for Brody to receive the blood transfusion that saved his life.

Brody is just one of the many dogs who are blessed with having a blood donor on standby. Sometimes, the one thing standing between life and death for a dog is a blood transfusion. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that the clinic you bring your dog to has available blood donors.


Blood donor dogs on standby


The clinic that Brody was in has nine blood donor dogs on rotation. They are on standby and can donate blood whenever the need arises. Since blood can only stay on the shelf for a maximum of thirty days, it is imperative that the clinic has cats and dogs who can donate every 3 – 6 months.

Requirements to become blood donors

Neel Veterinary Hospital made a list of requirements that should be followed before a dog can donate blood. Dogs that are spayed (for the females), fit, have updates vaccines, and weigh 50 – 100 pounds can become blood donors. It is also crucial that the dog’s blood type is universal so it can freely donate blood to any canine in need.

Dogs are allowed to donate blood at least once every three months. The procedure also takes fifteen minutes more or less, so owners can sit with their dogs as they donate blood. The best part about the procedure happens after, when the dogs receive a treat for a job well done.

It sounds simple, but there’s more to blood donations than just health benefits. It saves lives.


Credits to Neel Veterinary Hospital



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